There is no Car Sharing With NWCC

Why we never car share at N.W.C.C.


There is no Car Sharing With NWCC…

We don’t believe in 20 hours driving and 20 hours watching!

Some “intensive driving schools” will tell you that to have two pupils in the car is the best way to take an intensive driving course.

Is that best for you or the driving school? They will get two lots of tuition fees whilst using only one instructor. You will get your intensive driving lessons divided by two.

We will leave it to you to decide which is most beneficial for you. At NorthWest Crash Courses we don’t believe that you can learn to drive by watching someone else from the back seat – otherwise driving instructors would not have been invented.

Does an airline pilot learn from the back seat? As mentioned before, lots of other “driving schools” want you to sit in the back seat and pay for the privilege.

Book your intensive driving course with NWCC…and be guaranteed the full attention from your highly qualified driving instructor.

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