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One to One Driving Tuition At All Times – There is No Car Sharing With NWCC

Why we never car share at N.W.C.C. – We don’t believe in 20 hours driving and 20 hours watching!

Some “intensive driving schools” will tell you that to have two pupils in the car is the best way to take an intensive driving course.

Is that best for you or the driving school? They will get two lots of tuition fees whilst using only one instructor. You will get your intensive driving lessons divided by two.

We will leave it to you to decide which is most beneficial for you. At NorthWest Crash Courses we don’t believe that you can learn to drive by watching someone else from the back seat – otherwise driving instructors would not have been invented.

Book your intensive driving course with NWCC…and be guaranteed the full attention from your highly qualified driving instructor.
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Courses & Prices

COURSE PRICE & DETAILS for Intensive Driving Course prices.

Prices and cost details for our intensive driving lessons.
(Remember; the more hours you put in, the better your chances of passing)

We advise pupils booking 1, 2, & 3 day courses to do their Theory test prior to booking

All BELOW prices include your practical test fee @£62.



Aimed at a similar standard to the 2-day course, but spread over 5 consecutive 2 hr evening lessons; Mon – Fri, with Test taken on the Saturday – BOOK THIS COURSE

1 DAY COURSE – 6 HOURS – £225.00

Suitable for a pupil who just requires a few hours practicing (perhaps in a different car) before the test. – BOOK THIS COURSE

2 DAYS COURSE – 12 HOURS – £375.00

This course is aimed at people who have recently taken their test, or who feel that they can reach the standard within this 12-hour course. – BOOK THIS COURSE

3 DAY COURSE – 18 HOURS – £535

This course is for learners who have good control of the vehicle but require a boost. (e.g. Manoeuvres or Roundabouts.)


4 DAYS COURSE – 24 HOURS – £690

This course for pupils with basic control, and have attempted some manoeuvres.


5 DAYS COURSE – 30 HOURS – £855

This course is suitable for pupils who have had a little driving experience. Only if they feel 30 hours would be enough, but for complete beginners, we would recommend the 7-day course.


6 DAYS COURSE – 36 HOURS – £995

For pupils who can move and stop the vehicle and have good steering control, but not much more.


7 DAYS COURSE – 42 HOURS – £1170

This course is suited to anyone with very little or no experience behind the wheel.



This course is suited to pupils who want to be sure they will pass their test. Should you fail your practical test NWCC will provide the further hours we deem necessary to get you through the practical test. Please note; if you fail 2 theory tests in the first week you will not be able to take a practical test; however, NWCC will then provide a further 6-hour course after you have retaken and passed the theory test at your own expense and convenience. Any further hours MUST be taken within one calendar month of your initial course. This is to maintain a sensible time-flow and natural progression for your tuition. If you fail to attend a course you will forfeit the right to any further tuition.


All above prices include a practical test. Please add £35 if the theory test is needed.

Please add £15 per day for automatic car lessons.

When comparing our prices with other companies make sure it is for 1-2-1 tuition – are you in the driving seat ALL the time?

Please note: The above pricing does NOT include any accommodation fees that you may incur.
All the above courses are based on average learning capabilities and are a guide.
No guarantees can be implied.

Please also read our Terms & Conditions

Our Reviews

We are proud of our reputation and we work hard to provide our pupils with the very best driving tuition at all times.

What Our Pupil's Say About Us.

Pupil’s Reviews

Recommended Intensive Driving School, Manchester

After three previous unsuccessful attempts with a well-known driving school I had almost given up on driving, however, after a four day intensive course with Rob, after two years without any other professional instruction, I passed at the first time of trying. Rob was incredibly patient with myself who was incredibly anxious and I imagine was not the easiest person to teach! I passed today with only two minor faults and am absolutely over the moon! The entire booking process was smooth and easy and the car was impeccable, as was Rob’s professionalism. Many thanks to all involved, from the lady who took my booking to Rob and Paul themselves.

Natalie Dodman


Recommended Intensive Driving School, Manchester

Having previously had some lessons with another driving school, I couldn’t believe the difference that was made in my driving with Rob from NWCC. Rob’s patience, knowledge, coaching skills, and friendly approach helped me considerably. I passed my driving test this morning with 1 minor. Thanks again Rob for all your support

Daniel Green (4-day course)


I would like to just say thank you and your staff for the great service you have given my son Liam.

Even though he was a complete beginner, he was so confident from the first day of the course and he eventually passed his test first time!

Mrs Richardson (7-day course)

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