Learn to Drive at 16

Learn to Drive at 16

Although the minimum age for taking driving lessons on public roads in the UK is 17, you can actually begin to learn to drive at 16 with NWCC.

NWCC provide driving lessons and basic car skills to 16 year olds with the aim of giving them high quality driving tuition prior to them reaching the eligible age of driving on public roads.This means they can be prepared to take on road driving lessons as soon as they reach 17, and their skills will already be at a good level. Consequently, you may be able to even take your driving test not long after your 17th birthday!

No Driving Licence is required and all our vehicles are fully insured.

NWCC can also help with preparation for the Theory Test.

Our driving lessons for 16 year olds cover all the basics of good car control…clutch control, moving off, stopping, braking, manoeuvring, parking, reversing and how to deal with junctions and roundabouts.

We also cover how to look after your car and maintenance issues such as oil and water checks, checking lights and indicators and road safety and breakdown procedures, including what to do in the event of a breakdown in an isolated or unfriendly neighbourhood.

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