When moving off, you must always make sure that it’s clear and safe. This is one thing that your driving instructor will stress time and time again during your driving lessons.

As you sit in the driving seat you can see clearly to the front, and when you use your mirrors you can see most of what’s behind; but there will be some areas around the car that need special attention – areas that you can’t see clearly. These are the blind spots.

A blind spot is an area that can’t be seen in your mirrors or that is masked by parts of the car’s structure. An example of a blind spit causes by the car’s structure would be the front windscreen pillars – these can mask a distant object such as a motorcycle at a junction – with this in mind you must always take special care to compensate for blind spots by moving in your seat when necessary in order to get a good view.

When moving off, the blind spots behind your left and right shoulders are critical

For example, if you look at the diagram above you can see that the motorcycle would not be visible in the mirrors of the blue car – if the driver of the blue car were to move off without seeing the motorcyclist there could easily be an accident.

To compensate for this blinds pot, you need to check over your right shoulder before moving off from the left-hand side of the road.

Remember that this information is not only essential for safety during your driving lessons – it is absolutely essential for safe driving after you pass your driving test.